Frequently Asked Questions

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All About Blurr

What is Blurr?

Blurr is an all-encompassing photo-sharing solution for events. Through our beginning-to-end service including our app, back-end technology, and event strategists we provide instant access to all the authentic photos taken by real people at an event.

Sound cool, but why would I use Blurr?

Life is a collection of shared experiences and memories. We live in an experientially driven world where we want the best memories and will capture them like never before through photos. People are constantly searching for their moments to be heightened, meaning they want to consume their experience from multiple vantage points. Blurr connects everyone that is documenting the same shared experience, making it possible to experience an event through immeasurable vantage points in real-time. These captured moments tell stories raw and authentic as told by the people themselves.

What Does ‘Blurr Events’ Include?

The Blurr App

The app is how everyone gets connected at an event and takes their pictures. All that's required is to download and open the app. From then on, every picture taken or uploaded through the app is instantly shared with everyone else at the event. Every image taken by others at the event is also available for any attendee to view, download, or share. Post-event, all the images stay on the app in an album so attendees never lose their images!

Geo-Fenced Technology

We create the 'Blurr' for your event by time and location. Every person that opens the app within the location of the event will enter and join the 'Blurr'. This creates a communal feed of photos from everyone taking photos within the geofence.

Activation & Event Strategists

We have proven techniques and models that get Blurr fully integrated into your event. Whether from a technical perspective or activation method, our team seamlessly chooses and integrates the right model to make sure the service is fully utilised. This is a concierge service, which means we take all the work away from you!

Post-Event Photo Services

These photos are more than just a bunch of thumbnails that create an album. They’re moments that when put together, tell stories. We create cutting-edge visual stories from your event. In addition, well theme and categorise photos from the event, which helps distribute and present the images in unique ways.

Do We Specialise In Certain Events?

Yes! Weddings, Corporate Events, and Festivals are our forte. By heading to our homepage, you can sign up to receive our case study PDF, which highlights the success we’ve had in these areas. However, that doesn’t mean Blurr can't be implemented at other events. Our strategists are well equipped to customise the service, so if you have an interest in any type of event reach out and let’s chat.

I See The Blurr App Can Be Downloaded For Free?

The Blurr App can also be used socially amongst people at any given moment. There is a default miniature radius set in the app, so if you want to use Blurr at a house party or family dinner, go ahead! The Blurr App changes when it's used within a serviced event, where the time and location of sharing are pre-determined along with the deep level of integration with the event itself. Please feel free to use Blurr whenever you please and prepare to be blown away when you use Blurr during an official partnered event!

Still not convinced?

Blurr provides a platform for you to source ALL the best and most memorable pictures taken around you that then allow you to take the best photos and post to your favourite Social Media accounts. Instead of choosing between three 6/10 photo’s for that post-festival Insta, you’ll have ALL the best quality pictures to choose from. The quality and quantity of content you have available will increase dramatically.

Okay I'm sold, where can I download the Blurr app?

We’re currently in the US and Canada App Stores. Download here ( Android users and other countries stay tuned; we’ll be coming your way very soon.

User Feedback

I know how Blurr can be better, who shall I tell?

Have you ever used the Blurr app or been at an event using Blurr? GREAT! We want to hear from you. Please let us know what you thought of our product and service.

PLEASE reach out to Dan Korman,, with any suggestions/comments or just for a general chat.

How often do features get added?

We work night and day over at HQ to continually improve and heighten the user experience, and while all added ‘features’ might not be visible, we’re always iterating and improving. That’s why your feedback is very important to us. Send us a note with ideas!

I’m having problem Blurring, who shall I tell the problem to?

We work night and day over at HQ to continually improve and perfect our technology, and a huge part of that process is hearing from people who have had issues! Please send us a note with any issues or problems!

Privacy and Safety

Our lawyers are world class, and we have you covered. Have a read at our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for more information.

Where can I find Blurr's privacy policy

The privacy policy and terms of service are located in the footer! Here’s the links in case you missed it.

Press and Careers

Blurr is great, I want to work for you!

We’re flattered, we really are! Blurr is ALWAYS looking for people who can drive the company forward, and there’s no better place for you to personally grow than here. Please reach out to Sam Marley, with how you think you could contribute.

I want to write about Blurr; whom shall I reach out to?

Please reach out to Daniel Arvidsson,, with a quick description of the type of article you would like to write and we’d love to chat.

Can I just write about the app?

Sure! Feel free to write about or include us in any type of article you see fit. If you want to write a more in-depth article, please read the question above.