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A video overview of Blurr

All About Blurr

What is Blurr?

Hopefully our videos give you a good idea, but we’ve got you covered with a quick written description just in case you need a little extra information.

Blurr has taken photo-taking public, by providing a platform for everyone to take pictures on that is only shared with those users around you, in very small pockets of space. By everyone around you taking pictures on Blurr, it is essentially bringing everyone’s private camera roll to one communal platform.

Open Blurr. Press Start. Set your location radius (100m or 200m around you). All pictures taken on Blurr within your radius will populate in your feed until you end your Blurr, or leave the radius. Take a photo; will populate on any users feed you're in the radius of. Save and share any photo taken during and after your Blurr.

Sound cool, but why would I use Blurr?

Imagine you’re at an event (party, wedding, concert) and you are having an unbelievable time. Everyone’s having the time of their lives, and of course taking photo after photo to make sure the event will never be forgotten! But, where do all those pictures go from all the different people taking pictures? Straight to the person’s private camera roll. Now you’ve got to turn into a detective to try and hunt down those photos from the uncountable amount of people’s camera rolls. This is way too much effort and precious memories are lost. So we built a product to solve that for you.

Still not convinced?

Blurr provides a platform for you to source ALL the best and most memorable pictures taken around you that then allow you to take the best photos and post to your favourite Social Media accounts. Instead of choosing between three 6/10 photo’s for that post-festival Insta, you’ll have ALL the best quality pictures to choose from. The quality and quantity of content you have available will increase dramatically.

Okay I'm sold, where can I download the Blurr app?

We’re currently in the US and Canada App Stores. Download here ( Android users and other countries stay tuned; we’ll be coming your way very soon.

User Feedback

I know how Blurr can be better, who shall I tell?

Our user’s are our oxygen, you’re the guys that keep making Blurr better and growing, and for that we thank-you!!

PLEASE reach out to Dan Korman,, with any suggestions/comments or just for a general chat.

FYI, Blurr is always recruiting team members in various capacities, and who better to come work for the Blurr team than our best users? Impress us with your comments and suggestions and you could well find yourself joining the team.

How often do features get added?

We work night and day over at HQ to continually improve and heighten the user experience, and while all added ‘features’ might not be visible, we’re always iterating and improving. That’s why your feedback is very important to us. Send us a note with ideas!

I’m having problem Blurring, who shall I tell the problem to?

We want your experience Blurring to be flawless every single time, and if you’re having problems and issues with using the app, please let us know! Again, reach out to Dan Korman,, with the exact issue. We’re constantly conducting Q&A to make sure we’re sniffing out any bugs or problems, but we’re human and something may slip through. Luckily you guys are the best users a company could ask for, and will obviously let us know straight away!

Privacy and Safety

Our lawyers are world class, and we have you covered. Have a read at our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for more information.

Where can I find Blurr's privacy policy

The privacy policy and terms of service are located in the footer! Here’s the links in case you missed it.

Press and Careers

Blurr is great, I want to work for you!

We’re flattered, we really are! Blurr is ALWAYS looking for people who can drive the company forward, and there’s no better place for you to personally grow than here. We’re hiring in all capacities if the match is right for us and you, so please reach out to Sam Marley,, with a quick bio about what you want to gain from working for Blurr and how you think you could contribute in moving the company forward. Notice what came first, this company is all about working for you.

I want to write about Blurr; whom shall I reach out to?

You’ve realized how awesome Blurr is and want to write about us? Thank-you!! Please reach out to Daniel Arvidsson,, with a quick description of the type of article you would like to write and we’d love to chat.

Can I just write about the app?

Sure! Feel free to write about your experience, comparing us to other apps, and of course including us in ‘the best 10 apps you NEED in 2016’ (we’re getting a lot of those). If you want to write a more in-depth article about the team or anything Blurr specific, please read above the question above. (Feel free to write away. Only thing, make sure to send us the link! (

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