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Musicians And Entrepreneurs: Like Two Peas In A Pod

Creative, Innovative, Hard Working, Driven, Inspiring.

Google any of these personality traits and you’ll consistently find they represent two types of people- entrepreneurs and musicians. While comparisons are not often made, there are stark similarities in both ‘professions’. Here in LA we rub shoulders with some remarkable people from both walks of life on a daily basis. These are people who set a benchmark for how we aspire to live our lives. Here’s the special sauce that these people have to make them a cut above the rest.

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Blurr Loves LA, And We Think It Loves Us Back

“This is how LA works: You can meet absolutely anyone you want, but you only get one chance so you better have a damn good reason for doing so.”

This was a timeless piece of advice our team was given in our first few days here. It sounded so cliche that it couldn’t be true. After three weeks here, this is proving true time after time. The togetherness, overlap, and openness between what we’ve described as the LA ‘Bubbling Pot’ is incredible, and we have definitely reaped the benefits thus far.

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From Boston To LA In 3 Steps


So we did it. We packed our bags, jumped on a plane and are now in our second full week in sunny Los Angeles. Sounds simple, but the truth is that moving a company across the country is no easy feat. It takes a significant amount of planning, effort and most importantly justification. Why did we move and how did we make it happen? All answered here in three ‘simple’ steps:

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The Blurr Story


If you would have shown the Blurr team this quote before March 2015, we would of laughed and light-heartedly agreed. Now, there’s few quotes we agree with more. Because, without Alcohol, in all fairness, there wouldn’t have been ‘the’ party, without ‘the’ party, there wouldn’t have been the idea, and without the idea, we wouldn’t have embarked on what has turned out to be the most remarkable, life-changing journey of our lives.

Sam Marley, Daniel Arvidsson, Dan Korman. We were just best friends with an idea.

‘The’ Party (February 7th, 2015)

After throwing an insane Australian Themed Leaving Party for a buddy going on a study abroad (guess where?), we were left the next morning in the same situation as virtually every other College kid on a Sunday; hungover.

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Student, Athlete, Entrepreneur – How To Do It All, And Love It In The Process

We always get the question – How are you doing it? How are you managing to grow a thriving business whilst remaining as a college student and playing a sport?

The question for us has never been ‘how are we doing it?’ but rather ‘why are we doing it?’ We ask ourselves that daily, and while our ‘Why’ always remains positive and thriving, the question answers itself and we keep on working.

One would expect the standard blog written around juggling a lot of priorities to be all about “working 24/7, constantly grinding, just getting through it, no social life” – the usual jargon. We aren’t denying this exists and huge sacrifices have to be made on a regular basis, but in our view giving that insight isn’t valuable, and working hard and grinding is simply a given. The past year has undoubtedly been the best and most enjoyable of our lives… here’s why and how this next year will be even better.

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