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Here’s Why You Don’t Need a “Standard” Pitch Deck Template

One of our team’s definite strong suits is producing engaging, entertaining presenting decks. We’ve had more than enough practice whether it was at SXSW, IPO Pitch or Pitchathon; and always receive great attention and traction from whichever crowd we present to. But an Investor ready deck is a whole different ball game. How do you produce a deck, that in 10-15 static slides is going to make an investor sit up and take notice, bearing in mind they’ll probably quickly view it while scrolling through their emails. Here’s what we have learned when creating ours.

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5 Reasons You Need To Be ‘Blurring’ At SXSW

Well, we’re here. The Blurr team has made it to the 30th year anniversary of SXSW and it’s about to be epic! By the end of your tenure it’s gonna be pretty hard to remember anything we did, never mind capture all these unbelievable memories.

That can be said for everyone of you at SXSW, and that’s why its an absolute must to download Blurr, our new hyper-located public photo-sharing platform that is pitching in the final of Student Startup Madness at SXSW.

Imagine having access to every picture taken around you at SXSW, and you can save down any-one you like permanently — you can thank us later.

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Got that Billion Dollar Idea? 7 Lessons Learned Outside the Classroom

We’ve all been there… the ‘Omg there should be an app for this’ moment. The glorifying moment the lightbulb goes off, and you imagine your idea becoming the next Facebook.

That moment happened basically a year ago today for the Blurr team. As we find ourselves on the verge of launch, we have compiled the 7 most valuable lessons we have learned thus far.

1. Stick With Your Vision

What is your vision? In one sentence, how do you sum up why you’re doing what you’re doing? Make this the backbone of your idea, product, and company. Any action taken should be directly in line with that vision. You will be inundated with inbound from friends, family, advisors, and investors giving you an opinion about how you should run your company. Take everything in, but be selective over which advice to take seriously; this is imperative to get from idea to launch. Be disciplined about making changes that are in line with your vision, and you’ll find yourself making consistent progress. Continue reading “Got that Billion Dollar Idea? 7 Lessons Learned Outside the Classroom”

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Stop Doing Just a “Good Job”

*Blurr is currently in private beta, make sure to sign up at to hear about our expanded beta and launch.*

To be told ‘good job’ is the single biggest hurtful compliment one can receive. It gives the illusion of progression, self-betterment and exceeding expectations when in reality there will be countless others performing at your level; subsequently signing you off to a life of unknowing mediocrity.

Throughout Blurr’s journey thus far we have become intent on doing more than a ‘good job’. From validating the problem, to creating the product, to planning our execution, our ideas and actions are received with sparing failure or immeasurable praise — and yes we’ve experienced both. Continue reading “Stop Doing Just a “Good Job””

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How to Validate an Idea Without a Product

How do you truly validate an idea? How do you genuinely, unequivocally know the company you’re pouring your heart and sole into stands a fighting chance? Customer validation is considered imperative. You ask, listen, and subsequently change your product to their needs; right?

The truth is, potential users don’t care about the product. They dictate how they want the product to look and feel, but what they truly care about is the value you’re going to give them. So how do you know your idea stands a chance? You get your users to validate your value without them even knowing it. Continue reading “How to Validate an Idea Without a Product”