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Musicians And Entrepreneurs: Like Two Peas In A Pod

Creative, Innovative, Hard Working, Driven, Inspiring.

Google any of these personality traits and you’ll consistently find they represent two types of people- entrepreneurs and musicians. While comparisons are not often made, there are stark similarities in both ‘professions’. Here in LA we rub shoulders with some remarkable people from both walks of life on a daily basis. These are people who set a benchmark for how we aspire to live our lives. Here’s the special sauce that these people have to make them a cut above the rest.

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Two of the best: Jay-Z (left) and Mark Zuckerberg (right)

Driven By Personal Vision

They see the world not as it is, but in what they can make it become. They play into the notion that ‘people don’t know what they want until you give it to them’ and consequently create amazing products, songs, companies, and albums loved by millions. Their creations aren’t derived by luck, but their deep, underlying vision that what they create will change the world before anyone else knows it will.

Have A Risk-Taking Mentality

Entrepreneurs and musicians don’t completely think out, analyze, and nitpick before making decisions. More often than not, they lead with their hearts and gut instinct, which means massive risk and equally high rewards. Having the intuition to think this way is one thing, but having the added ability to continually act and perform like this is what sets these two types of people apart from the rest.

Creativeness Is In Their Blood

To move the needle in any market or area of the world, you have to be significantly better than what already exists. That means innovation and unique inspiration is key. The underlying theme for these is creativity- something entrepreneurs and musicians have in abundance. Not just when creating their respective product/music, but also how they maximize resources, distribute their work, and most importantly, capitalize on their growth and ‘break out’.

However, the true underlying theme is they work, work, work… and then work some more. Overnight success is a complete myth, and entrepreneurs and musicians exemplify that. Their work ethic is unparalleled and unmatched, which unsurprisingly correlates to why they are some of biggest contributors to influence and change across the world. They break barriers, re-define the status quo and most importantly, allow people to live happier and more connected lives.

– Team Blurr

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