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Blurr Loves LA, And We Think It Loves Us Back

“This is how LA works: You can meet absolutely anyone you want, but you only get one chance so you better have a damn good reason for doing so.”

This was a timeless piece of advice our team was given in our first few days here. It sounded so cliche that it couldn’t be true. After three weeks here, this is proving true time after time. The togetherness, overlap, and openness between what we’ve described as the LA ‘Bubbling Pot’ is incredible, and we have definitely reaped the benefits thus far.

There is a Strong Community Feel

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LA Tech Fair getting Blurry

LA is full of people achieving incredible things in all walks of life. However, we have seen no sense of entitlement or hierarchy in any company, team, or person. The willingness to help and cooperate for better overall success is a common thought we share. We’ve seen this through introductions and subsequent meetings at some very well known companies, and we also saw it after attending LA’s inaugural Tech Fair.



However, the acceptance and promotion we’ve been given thus far by WeWork trumps (no pun intended) anything else. After being selected and winning our local WeWork Playa Vista Demo Day, we progressed to the Demo Day Final at WeWork’s Global Summit. Within three weeks, we have gone from completely new members to pitching in front of every WeWork employee globally (1500+), meeting their CEO, Adam Neumann, and gaining a share of the $600,000 prize money generously distributed by WeWork. After seeing the incredibly unique culture at WeWork, distinctly defined by their exuberant and inspiring CEO, it is no surprise we were given the opportunity so quickly.


20170121 Global Summit - Demo Day Finals--12
The WeWork community were loving the Blurr story!

Ski In The Morning, Surf In The Afternoon

It’s true that in LA you can ski in the morning and surf in the afternoon. While we haven’t done that (yet), we’ve definitely experienced something similar from a business point of view.

In one day, we went from a breakfast meeting at a big LA social app, to grabbing drinks with Two-Friends, one of the most dynamic and upcoming DJ duo’s around. Not to mention the fact we’re huge personal fans of both, it was incredible to have the opportunity to meet on a professional level (with much more to come!).

Please find another place in the world where you could take a meeting with the most disruptive social startup in modern times in the morning and grab drinks with equally as disruptive DJ’s at night?  If there’s any way to show the LA ‘Bubbling Pot’, that is it.

What’s the long term effect of all this differentiation and diversity? We don’t exactly know. However in our eyes it will create a more informed and well-rounded team which can only increase our chance of ‘success’ – however you want to define that. Being surrounded by such diversity is exhilarating and intoxicating. While everyone here is different in very particular ways, the true beauty lies in the fact that we are all connected by being at the same place at the same time– ultimately creating something special and unforgettable (sounds familiar doesn’t it?)

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