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From Boston To LA In 3 Steps


So we did it. We packed our bags, jumped on a plane and are now in our second full week in sunny Los Angeles. Sounds simple, but the truth is that moving a company across the country is no easy feat. It takes a significant amount of planning, effort and most importantly justification. Why did we move and how did we make it happen? All answered here in three ‘simple’ steps:


We knew we couldn’t move to LA without the necessary funding needed to scale the product, team, and subsequent growth. We successfully raised a seed round from various angel investors in the Boston area who saw the incredible growth from our launch, supported our decision to move to LA, and most importantly believed in us to take it to the next level. We can’t thank our investors enough for their continued support, assistance, and belief in us.  


While Boston was an incredible place for us to launch and validate our product, we felt LA was a far better place for us to position the company in order to achieve the long-term vision for Blurr. Here’s why we moved:

LA is the epicentre for Social-Media startups 

Snapchat, Tinder, and Flipagram are all located here, and the list is growing daily. Our vision and knowledge of the photo and social media space is second to none and we wanted to position ourselves alongside these companies to learn, compete, and reverse engineer the market trends into our own developments. We’ve already discovered the community to be incredibly open and engaging, with some huge social media companies residing in the same building.  

Tech, Entertainment, Music, Live Events

The opportunities and use cases for Blurr are growing, and the interaction between all the different sectors in LA make it the perfect place for Blurr to attain new type of users, test different marketing strategies, and build indispensable partnerships.


Trend-setters and Influencers

Los Angeles has time and time again been the place where new social products experience rapid growth and are defined. The people here define and lead trends which can make or break a product

Also, LA’s influencers have an incredible outreach and audience across the Tech, Entertainment, and Music sectors. LA is the best place to grow, iterate, and mold our product because it’s the toughest market to stamp our mark while also offering the greatest reward.

The Talent

Going off that, the city building the best social products is likely to have the best talent. People make companies what they are, and we are expanding our team!

Location, location, location. This is as ever-true for the Real Estate industry as it is for the startup world, and we couldn’t be happier to move Blurr to Los Angeles and roll the dice.


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