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The Blurr Story


If you would have shown the Blurr team this quote before March 2015, we would of laughed and light-heartedly agreed. Now, there’s few quotes we agree with more. Because, without Alcohol, in all fairness, there wouldn’t have been ‘the’ party, without ‘the’ party, there wouldn’t have been the idea, and without the idea, we wouldn’t have embarked on what has turned out to be the most remarkable, life-changing journey of our lives.

Sam Marley, Daniel Arvidsson, Dan Korman. We were just best friends with an idea.

‘The’ Party (February 7th, 2015)

After throwing an insane Australian Themed Leaving Party for a buddy going on a study abroad (guess where?), we were left the next morning in the same situation as virtually every other College kid on a Sunday; hungover.

So, amidst our impossible battle of trying to combat three brutal hangovers with the school cafeteria food, we set out on an even larger task: finding the perfect Instagram from the party.

We buried ourselves into our phones with uncontainable excitement to look at all the amazing photos we took. Until we realized we had none…

But wait, everyone was taking pictures, so someone must have them? So the quest went on, texting every friend, acquaintance and second cousin we remember being there to find that one distinct picture we all wanted to see, the classic ‘squad pic’.

February 15′. We look older, and legal, now.

The picture popped up on Facebook like three days later.
Instagram opportunity? Long gone.

So, we started thinking, this is happening to us all the time. We’re three College students, from all over the world, having the time of our lives in Boston and if we went back through our phones there were barely any memories to show for it.

We thought, why isn’t there a way to get easy, instant access to all the memorable photos taken around us? The idea dropped, the lightbulb went off and there was no looking back; that’s the day Blurr was born.

It Became A Reality (March 24th, 2016)

By having the brilliant idea to create a tech company without any of us been able to write a line of code, it was never going to be your conventional ‘startup’. That we certainly aren’t, but we found a way to make it happen as we always do. If you aren’t conventional, just reinvent the wheel, and that’s exactly what we’re doing!

Our efforts led us to the final of a nationwide Student startup competition, pitching at SXSW, the nation’s largest tech festival.


Which coincided with a long anticipated launch in Boston and at Northeastern University (the College we call home). The buzz was immense and our Ambassadors took Blurr viral. We’re pretty sure the whole city is still talking about our legendary launch party @ Down, Boston. Don’t get too jealous watching the video if you weren’t there- and don’t worry, expect something similar at college campuses around the country!


Undoubtedly, people love Blurring, and that’s why we’re going NATIONAL! After securing a second round of significant investment and bringing on some absolute rockstars to join the founding team, we’re growing crazily throughout the country. Our incredible Brand Ambassadors are making that happen, and the program is just getting bigger! Head over to our Ambassador site to check it out and see if you have what it takes to join the team.

The story may only just be beginning, but if we have learned one thing and can provide any piece of advice, it’s never take the salad – you never know what can happen.