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Student, Athlete, Entrepreneur – How To Do It All, And Love It In The Process

We always get the question – How are you doing it? How are you managing to grow a thriving business whilst remaining as a college student and playing a sport?

The question for us has never been ‘how are we doing it?’ but rather ‘why are we doing it?’ We ask ourselves that daily, and while our ‘Why’ always remains positive and thriving, the question answers itself and we keep on working.

One would expect the standard blog written around juggling a lot of priorities to be all about “working 24/7, constantly grinding, just getting through it, no social life” – the usual jargon. We aren’t denying this exists and huge sacrifices have to be made on a regular basis, but in our view giving that insight isn’t valuable, and working hard and grinding is simply a given. The past year has undoubtedly been the best and most enjoyable of our lives… here’s why and how this next year will be even better.

Don’t Just ‘Manage’

It is very easy to just get through the day when you have so many priorities to juggle and manage. Respond to those few emails; half-ass that extra practice, half complete that homework. It keeps you alive and breathing for another day, and before you know it the week, month, and semester has passed. When you look back, you have barely achieved anything except co-existing with the numerous variables you have in your life. These simpler and less thought-provoking tasks can often take priority when in truth they’re hindering development and growth. As a team we’re intent on making sure we achieve on a daily basis. Whether that is from a company, student, or athletic standpoint, we’re constantly checking on each other to make sure we have progressed daily on a personal level. Why? This keeps us positive through tough times, and allows us the opportunity to celebrate even when in full ‘grind’ mode. For anyone that knows us on a personal level – we most definitely know how to do that.

Celebrate The Little Things

Enjoy The Journey More Than The Result

Once ‘the end’ becomes the main priority for any variable in your life, the ability to thrive and enjoy it becomes difficult.

From that point forward, everything becomes a chore which leads to mediocre results, shortcuts, and not ‘the end’ you envisioned in the first place. How to combat this feeling which undeniably crosses all our minds? Surround yourself with incredible people you feed off, aspire to, and quite simply really enjoy the company of. Why would we ever consider ‘the end’ of Blurr when we’re surrounded with unbelievable people every day who all love what we’re doing? Embracing the ‘why are we doing this?’ mindset allows this to be a reality. When the answer to ‘why are we doing this?’ changes will be the day we re-evaluate our life variables and priorities.

Never forget the journey is the best part

You Have To Switch Off

This is something the team struggled with, especially early on. There is always more to be done, but you have to be aware of the actual priority and benefit it will actually provide at that moment in time. Never forget your social life (luckily our friends and ourselves would never let that happen!) and have the ability to switch off, particularly from your phone. Try to just enjoy whatever it is you’re doing at that moment in time. For us, that comes in the form of Soccer. Finding a passion ‘outside of the engaged world’ is pivotal for your mental (and in this case also physical) health.

Switching off with the best people

You Don’t ‘Have To’ Do Anything

It seems obvious, right? However, it is unfathomable to us the amount of fellow students we meet who moan and complain about their classes, major or job but are so content with ‘grinding through it’ because ‘the money’s good’ or ‘it’s too late to switch now’. We’re living in a time where no matter what your passion is, you have the ability to follow it right now, enjoy your life every single day and make a lot of money out of it. We almost see disappointment when people ask ‘How’s everything going – you must be so busy?’ and we respond ‘Yeah going great, a lot happening and loving life.’ It’s almost like people want the response to be ‘all about the grind and the 24/7 work’ which makes no sense to us. If there’s a large variable in your life you feel is a ‘have to’ instead of a ‘want to’ – then stop – it’s as simple as that. We don’t have to continuously grow Blurr and solve people’s photo-sharing problems, we don’t have to be college students, and we don’t have to play Soccer. The day any of these variables become a have instead of a want is the day we stop with it. Until then we’ll keep doing it all, and loving every minute of it.