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Your One-Stop-Shop For That ‘Perfect Insta’- Blurr Has Updates!


It’s been a whirlwhind month for the Blurr team. We’ve launched with a bang and realized that users love Blurring! More importantly, we’ve been getting some fantastic feedback from our users, and have truly seen the value Blurr provides. Undoubtedly, people love getting easy access to memorable pictures around them. We’ve seen why users love it so much- and that’s so they can share to Social Media! Our users have access to every picture taken around them, which provides a larger selection of quality photos to choose from. That’s certainly better than the two awkward selfies they used to have in their camera roll after a party. Users are using Blurr as their one stop shop to source the best content created around them, and sharing that to social media.

So, The Blurr Team has made it even easier for our users to do this by implementing a couple of new features. Make sure you’re Blurring this week and check them out!

Share To Social Media

No need to save down the picture and then share to Facebook or Instagram. We’ve integrated this into the app, so you can share right there and then. We all know its a race to post the best Insta, and with Blurr you’ll be posting top quality pictures before anyone else!

Invite Your Friends!

Slack for iOS UploadOf course, Blurring’s better with friends right?! That’s why we’ve implemented invite your friends through Texting, Facebook, Twitter, GroupMe, Slack, you name it. Again, we’re saving our users time by making sure they don’t have to
leave Blurr to go and tell their friends about this amazing new app they use, its all right there within Blurr.



Geek Stuff

IMG_0007.PNGWe won’t bore you how, but the Team have been working tirelessly to make the app quicker and more seamless to use. Every millisecond of speed matters to us, as that ensures our users are getting easier and quicker access to memorable photos taken around them, which is exactly what we’re here to do. The quest for perfection is never ending, but the app is quicker, loading time shorter, and overall more seamless.



So get sharing all those amazing memories, and make sure your friends aren’t missing out by inviting them to join the #blurrvolution!

And as always, Blurr responsibly.

The Team