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5 Reasons You Need To Be ‘Blurring’ At SXSW


Well, we’re here. The Blurr team has made it to the 30th year anniversary of SXSW and it’s about to be epic! By the end of your tenure it’s gonna be pretty hard to remember anything we did, never mind capture all these unbelievable memories.

That can be said for everyone of you at SXSW, and that’s why its an absolute must to download Blurr, our new hyper-located public photo-sharing platform that is pitching in the final of Student Startup Madness at SXSW.

Imagine having access to every picture taken around you at SXSW, and you can save down any-one you like permanently — you can thank us later.

Here’s how we work:

You get to an event and press “Start Blurr”. This then leads you to another screen showing your location, and a radius surrounding you. Choose closer (100m circumference) or close (200m circumference) and press ‘start’.

From thereon, every single picture taken by anyone else on the app within that radius will populate on your live feed on the app, thus creating ‘Your Blurr’. There aren’t profiles or friends, so each picture appearing in your feed will be anonymous, but it gives you the ability to view any picture in your radius, and save it down permanently. Any picture you take yourself through is automatically saved to your camera roll, and your Blurr will end by you leaving the radius, or if you choose to ‘End Blurr’. Once ended, you’ll have 24 hours to go back and view the pictures taken during the Blurr before they disappear forever.

Here’s why you’ll need to be blurring at SXSW

You’re making memories with a gizzilion new people every hour.

How many drunken selfies and pictures have you taken with your new random best friend at SXSW — it’s inevitable. The chances of you seeing that picture, slim to zero. If taken on Blurr, it’s going straight to your phone without you doing a thing.

Event Hosts, you get to see all the content created at your event!

Plug Blurr at your event and you’ll have enough content to fill your social media feeds for years — did I hear free marketing?

Is it good inside the party you’re about to wait in an hour line for?

Start a Blurr, and providing the line isn’t 200m away from the venue (that’s a long ass line!) you can have a sneak peek and see if it’s popping.

You decided to stick the line out, but now you’re late — still get all the memories.

When you start a Blurr, your feed automatically populates with a one-hour backlog of the pictures taken within that radius. So even if you’re late and missed half the best fun — you can still download a pic and Instagram like you were actually there!

It’s the easiest way to share photos with your actual friends!

Of course SXSW is all about discovery, innovation and meeting new people; but above all it’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy everything you love about tech, film and music with your friends. With Blurr you log in through Facebook, and the app will automatically recognize and filter your Facebook friends pictures. So as well as seeing every amazing memory being made around you, at the click of a button those pictures become limited to just your nearest and dearest — literally effortless.

Blurr is putting a new spin on social media. Instead of using social to see what’s going on everywhere else in the world, or in this case SXSW, Blurr is connecting users purely who are in the same place at the same time . We’re heightening the experience of people who are together through technology and innovation rather than diminishing and materializing it. It’s fresh, and totally challenging the status quo — Exactly what SXSW is about. So lets get Blurring! – Download the app now!

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