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Stop Doing Just a “Good Job”


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To be told ‘good job’ is the single biggest hurtful compliment one can receive. It gives the illusion of progression, self-betterment and exceeding expectations when in reality there will be countless others performing at your level; subsequently signing you off to a life of unknowing mediocrity.

Throughout Blurr’s journey thus far we have become intent on doing more than a ‘good job’. From validating the problem, to creating the product, to planning our execution, our ideas and actions are received with sparing failure or immeasurable praise — and yes we’ve experienced both.

These are all words, but how can three college kids starting their first company prove ‘good job’ isn’t in our repository? During our user validation, we considered that by conducting over 700 personal user interviews we were doing a ‘good job’ & we should’ve been content…should have.

Yet we weren’t. We went that extra mile and decided to validate our idea and the value we’ll offer our users without them even knowing it. We went from ‘good job on the interviews’ status to ‘that was f*cking brilliant, I can’t believe you thought of that’ status.’ Take a look.

The whole reason we started Blurr is because we’re three college students fed up of constantly not having tangible memories to look back on during the best time of our lives, and our app is a bi-product of this problem. Our mindset was not ‘let’s create a cool app’, but rather how can we effortlessly allow our users to see every meaningful memory taken around them? So we threw together some UI/UX, thinking they were effortless and simple, and received validation most would be happy with; “that looks good.” Six months down the line, after an unbelievably successful partnership with Scout, our product has transformed from “that looks good” to “holy sh*t, this is amazing! When can I download it?”.

Everyday we become a first time user, scrutinizing our product and truly owning the term ‘less is more’ by stripping the product of any feature that isn’t indefinitely needed. Now we have a product truly delivering its value, with no strings attached.

As we now enter what is just the beginning — execution time, we’re planning on maintaining this nature by implementing unique, effective strategies that are going to make us a viral success. Judging by our first beta party last weekend (sorry if you missed it), we’re on the right track.

-The Blurr Team

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