Powering Shared Experiences Through Photos

An all-encompassing photo-sharing service that makes authentic photos instantly accessible at your event

Check out all that Blurr can do.

Geo-Fenced Area

You’ll see every photo within it.

Take Photos

Viewable by anyone around you. Don't worry, they're also being saved on your phone.

View, Share, Save

Every picture you see is ready to be saved, during and after your Blurr.

Hyperlocal Geo-Fenced Technology

We create the Blurr for your event by time and location. No on-boarding required, every guest at your event can just open Blurr and they're ready to go.

Captured and Shared in Real Time

Don't miss a moment of your event, with every image captured and shared instantly on Blurr with everyone in the geo-fence. See the experience from immeasurable vantage points all in real-time.

Memories Last A Lifetime

The Blurr will be permanently available after the event for guests to view, source and distribute their content to Social Media! Our technology can also distribute the Blurr to any other platform such as big screens or web streams.

Blurrs Tell Stories

We theme and categorize the photos taken during your event. Your album is more than just a bunch of photos, and can be used to tell cutting-edge visual stories.

Beautiful Moments Captured on Blurr

Coachella Music Valley and Arts Festival

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